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Introducing PhytoPower B, C, E, & W

Welcome to the Future: Targeted Probiotics

LoveBiome’s message is simple: we mean to disrupt the industry by ushering the Era of the Microbiome. And we are doing that by understanding that our microbiomes are the center of health, that the gut-brain connection is very much real and a key component to understanding our bodies, and finally, that there are other microbiomes that are also important to human health.

The PhytoPower Brand

As we enter into this exciting new era for human health, we understand the need to expand on PhytoPower from just a comprehensive, gut microbiome health product to an entire brand of products, designed to:

  • Feed the gut with prebiotic soluble fiber
  • Populate the gut with diverse strains of friendly bacteria
  • Empower the body with critical psotbiotics

Our research has led us to the creation of four new PhytoPower products that will help us to achieve our goals of providing the most science-based microbiome health products on the market!

PhytoPower B: Block the Sugar, Protect the Gut

Nothing disrupts the balance of the gut microbiome more than sugar.  Sugar interferes with good bacteria function and population. Sugar feeds bad bacteria that competes with friendly bacteria for food. Sugar creates dysbiosis (imbalance) in the gut, which can lead to a weakened immune system, weight gain, blood sugar imbalance, low energy, sleep issues and more. PhytoPower B fights gut microbiome dysbiosis by helping the body block sugar absorption. That makes PhytoPower B the perfect companion product. 

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PhytoPower C: Calm + Stress Management

The most important connection in the human body is the

GUT-BRAIN connection.  This connection is critical for proper stress management, restful sleep and general mental health. PhytoPower C helps support the blood-brain barrier, which is a protective layer that lines the inner surfaces of the blood vessels inside your brain. It’s a key part of how your brain and nervous system work.

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PhytoPower E: Targeted Energy Formula

The center of energy production is the gut microbiome. A diverse biotic community in the gut creates the perfect environment for creating and harvesting energy. PhytoPower E features a custom botanical energy blend which includes guarana and panax ginseng. Each serving of PhytoPower E contains 75mg of natural caffeine, which will stimulate the brain and the body. 

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PhytoPower W: Targeted Probiotics for Weight Management

PhytoPower W delivers the most creative and powerful combination of designer probiotics and prebiotic soluble fiber. This is the most innovative microbiome-centered weight management product ever conceived. It helps the body produce a hormone called GLP-1. This hormone sends signals to the brain to release insulin and control sugar absorption. 

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